Why commercial brokers need to embrace tech tools more than ever

While the pandemic raged, behind the scenes the people who make Illinois commercial real estate brokerages work have been toiling to make technology work even harder for them.

There’s evidence everywhere that CRE brokers have accelerated their use of technology to better track property and market data, share information among team members, decipher the data, and improve individual and team productivity.

In Southern Illinois, where the big commercial real estate data companies like CoStar don’t provide much coverage, Collin Fischer, CCIM, says it’s even more important that his firm track the market, not just their own deals — which run the gamut from investment property sales to office leasing and sales to retail.

Fischer is a principal of BarberMurphy. His firm researches, aggregates and tracks thousands of properties so they know lease rates and sale prices, among other information. Not only does the information help them win listing assignments, it helps them score better deals for clients.

“You’re educating yourself on the market by doing the research. It’s one of the main reasons — if not the only reason — someone would hire a broker or advisor … you’re always collecting and tracking information.”

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– Article Posted in RE Journals Online