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TFD Supplies is a local start-up specializing in bulk-market earbuds and headphones, and aims to not only satisfy their customers but impress them.

Parent company TFD Unlimited, seeing the need of more space for the growing business has now leased office-flex space at Business Center II in Fairview Heights, IL. Being near the interchange of I-64 and IL-159, they accommodate ease of access for their employees and suppliers as well as necessary space to work for their sales team and overall operations, to include distribution.

Image of new location for TFD Supplies at 13 Executive Drive, Fairview Heights, IL.

About TFD

TFD is the North American leader in earbuds.  In addition, we are growing our brand expanding into a full headphone line.

Schools, hospitals, and libraries are our 3 biggest customer groups for earbuds as we cater primarily to the bulk market.

Our business model is simple, we treat every customer like an influencer.  We don’t aim to satisfy customers – we aim to impress customers.  We give the customer more than what he or she expects each and every time.

If you call, you’ll get a person in the USA without having to go through a menu.  And, that person will genuinely be able to help you without transferring you.

We offer a livechat as well if that’s your cup of tea.

While we are a relatively young company, we have been growing rapidly and continue to grow and expand.

Give us a chance to earn your business and you won’t regret it.

Tyler Douthitt
Owner, TFD Supplies