Commerical property, ready for winter, winterizing checklist

Knowing the value of Preventative Maintenance, we wish to pass along a friendly reminder that your buildings, should be winterized, particularly if it is not occupied.

Please see the following Winterizing Tips:


  • All hoses have been disconnected from the outside faucets
  • Back check valve on outside spigot drained
  • Drain or blow out the lawn irrigation system
  • Close and drain all outside fountains and drinking facilities
  • Shut off all water going to the exterior of the building
  • Ensure grates and water drainage areas are clear of debris
  • Plants are protected with dirt or mulch around the base
  • Stock sand/ice-melt for sidewalks and ensure snow shovels and snow blowers are ready
  • Line up all snow removal equipment for sidewalks and parking lots
  • All water cooled engines have anti-freeze, oil and battery water; ensuring they are ready for winter weather storage


  • Clear all gutters of debris
  • Ensure roof drains are clear
  • Inspect B.T.U.’s and rubber roofs for any water penetration. Check all flashings
  • Check metal roofs to make sure everything is sealed and all debris is removed

Building Structure

  • All insulation in the attic or above the ceiling is in place
  • Brick caulked joints and expansion joints around the windows are in place
  • Check and regulate all door closures

Building Mechanics and Operating Systems

  • Ensure roof top units are functioning for winter
  • Clean roof top filters
  • Check any exterior boiler or cooling systems
  • Ensure inside furnace systems are ready for winter
  • Thermostat batteries charged/replaced
  • Check all electric motors to be sure they are clean and free of lint
  • Oil and lubricate motors as needed

Fire/Life Safety

  • Test building sprinkler system before freezing weather comes
  • Fresh batteries in all smoke detectors
  • Fire extinguishers are fully charged

Vacant Property

  • Shut off Water
  • Winterize pipes, toilets and sprinkler system
  • Check thermostat settings