As the investment market continues to outperform all other real estate sectors in their market, BARBERMURPHY brokers are continually expanding their network to assist clients, often well before a property hits the market. Due to the confidential nature of these transactions, many of them close without generating any press. But although these deals seldom make the headlines, they are a significant part of the work BARBERMURPHY does every day in Southern Illinois, St. Louis and beyond. “Investment deals comprised 47 percent of our firm’s total volume in 2021,” said Steve Zuber, principal at BARBERMURPHY. “Industrial, office, multifamily and other income-generating properties continue to be in extremely high demand. With the stock market in flux and interest rates climbing, investors are looking at their portfolios and considering real estate as a more tangible investment, one that they can touch and feel.”

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Article published by the Illinois Business Journal

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