At BARBERMurphy Group – Southern Illinois Commercial Real Estate we pride ourselves on guiding our clients seamlessly through their Commercial Real Estate Transaction.
We recently had the pleasure of working with Chris Barnes, President of Cherokee Properties, Inc. on the Sale of his Industrial Investment Property located at 1001 College St, Madison, IL.
Here is what Chris had to say about his experience…

One of the most important decisions I have made in my life was determining how and when to sell our family-owned commercial real estate.  My name is Chris Barnes, President of Cherokee Properties.  Fortunately, I chose BARBERMURPHY to help us facilitate this transaction.

The property I am referring to is an 80-year-old industrial complex, consisting of 1.3 million SF, with four tenants.  We listed the property in April 2021 and within 60-days we had several full price offers of $10 million dollars.  Within another ninety days, we closed the sale at list price! 

I attribute the success of this transaction to BARBERMURPHY for several reasons.  Wayne Barber and Steve Zuber’s market experience provided me with guidance of properly pricing the property.  They fully prepared me for the anticipated requirements needed for the due diligence phase, as this was critical to the ability to market the transaction successfully.  The excellent professional marketing they conducted attracted several potential buyers from coast to coast, and resulted in a seamless RE sales transaction for me and my family.

I will forever be grateful to the BARBERMURPHY organization!

Chris A. Barnes, President

Cherokee Properties, Inc.