Auffenberg Dealer Group will be relocating from O’Fallon to Shiloh with a $40 million project to develop a 36-acre lot on the corner of Frank Scott Parkway and Fortune Boulevard.

“It’s a great opportunity to grow the business over the next decade,” Auffenberg Dealer Group President Jamie Auffenberg, Jr., said. “This is not a few-years project. It’s something that we think will work long past me. We hope it will work well into the next generation and hopefully the one past that. We look forward to growing our business at this location.”

Auffenberg (Auto Group) has selected the Village of Shiloh as home to its new auto mall. The decision was made due to site constraints at its current location and to manufacturer demands for larger and upgraded facilities.

Mayor James Vernier

BARBERMURPHY Commercial Real Estate Broker & Consultant Terry Johnson has worked with Auffenberg since 2015 to find the right fit.

“Rather than update facilities not owned by the Auffenberg family, we began searching for replacement sites in 2015,” Johnson said. “Sites were considered along the Interstate 64 corridor, including Fairview Heights, O’Fallon and Shiloh with requirements of a minimum of 25 acres, interstate visibility and access and, most importantly, had not been undermined by coal.”

The new location is near Dierbergs and Target and can be seen from Interstate 64. Auffenberg plans to invest in extensive site work, public streets and utility extensions, and a new traffic signal on Frank Scott Parkway, among other aspects of the project.